Agreement With Joseph Sellemius

In the old school of Dungeons and Dragons, the final was to find a hex somewhere near the edge of the map, evacuate the elves, build a stop plan and attract retainers. It`s good to have a purpose. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an honest replica of that old dream, but it`s also about how to deal with the difficulties you face when you settle down and start raising your own family of henchmen. If you recruit Octavia, it`s split between Rogue and Wizard, making it a less optimal choice than a character who clings to one or the other. But give it a few extra levels of wizard and power that will increase the damage for the sneak attack, and it will unlock a prestige class called Arcane Trickster, which involves using remote spells for sneak attacks. Meet what you want, then imagine Natala Surtova, who, in addition to her “sweet smile”, wastes little time in benevolence before jumping into politics. Aware of the game played by the Aldoris, she is less reluctant to give you “warnings” about the fate that awaits your baroness if you stand on the side of her enemies. No matter who you support, it seems that the leaders of both factions are almost certain that your countries will be exposed to the strange overlap, if not to the total siege and conquest. Natala Surtova`s solution is obviously the exact opposite of Jamandis, which suggests that the Aldoris, faced with an inevitable war on two fronts, will remain submissive. It`s time for your coronation as a baron… Your baronial! Talk to Oleg and go to Restov, where you`ll talk to Jamandi Aldori.

But their conversation is more a matter of business than of pleasure, since the rather generous conditions for granting a title to anyone who, by chance, has driven the deer from the stolen countries, have been wanting an explanation for some time. The deadline for event management is always the end of the current month. Golarion`s calendar is 12 months old and the number in brackets according to the name of the month tells you what it is. Each month has the same number of days as the month of the Earth. Sometimes the advisor you have to deal with with one particular event will have to deal with another for 10 days and it`s already the 20th Goober and what are you doing? Relax, search for a Golarion calendar on the Internet if you need to, and press the Skip Day button until a counsellor is free. Most events often repeat, so if you miss a page labeled “Chance,” it will reappear. Focus on those who say “problem” because there will be penalties for ignoring this. In any case, the currency of your loyalty seems to be the emissary you are whispering in your ear – Kassil Aldori represents the Aldoris, while Natala Surtova will offer the services of Shandra Mervey.


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