Ann Arbor, MI, USA
425 East Washington Street Ann Arbor Michigan 48104 US

We are happy to help any sized customer in the continental United States. From a residential project to a multilevel commercial building, we do it all!

Unlike most wireless system integrators, we begin any discussion with a prospective customer, with no pre-conceived ideas for a specific product. Discuss each organization’s requirements with them, and carefully identify and engage the necessary assets, as required. By understanding customer’s needs before making any recommendations, we can typically offer numerous wireless options for establishing connectivity. Also, unlike most wireless integrators, we look to educate our customers. Educate them about the issues to be considered when designing a wireless connection such as the numerous options for providing connectivity, how to implement a scalable solution, and the best means for becoming self-reliant.

Hiring locals allows for easier communication and in-person meetings, the ability to build a more trusting relationship, and opportunities to tap into nearby networks. Reed Dynamic brings business savvy to each and every project. We work with you to identify your business’s core values and then bring a perfect solution for you company. We diligently keep current with the latest technologies, bringing our clients to the next level.