How To Change Custody Agreement In Florida

However, it is unrealistic to expect that the custody agreement reached at the time of the first divorce or separation will remain the best order for your family until the adulthood of your child, especially if the marriage or relationship ends when your child is very young. Your situation will change, your ex`s situation will change, and your child`s needs will change as they grow up. Fortunately, while it is important to follow an existing child care decision, it is not necessary to maintain custody in the same way until your child is an adult. Changing or changing custody orders is common and allows the rules to change when your family changes. Take a look at what you need to know about changing custody orders in Florida. Cases that are not generally considered a significant change in circumstances include employment assistance, an isolated incident of domestic violence, or even an isolated incidence of drug use. In order for the courts to think seriously about an amendment to a custody order, the applicant parent must be able to demonstrate that the amendment is in the best interests of the child. After a protection order is filed. If you or your child is in danger to your co-parents, you should immediately call a lawyer. You may need to file a protection order with the courts.

Protection orders are temporary, but can provide emergency assistance if you feel threatened by your ex. In the protection decision, a judge may require that custody of the child be given to the other parent or grant sole custody until the protection decision is lifted. Where changing custody becomes tricky is if the two parents involved fail to reach an agreement. Perhaps one parent wants the initial order to remain in place, while the other asks for drastic changes. Perhaps one parent wants to avoid the other from spending time with the child or requesting supervised visits rather than unsupervised visits. Or maybe both parents agree that changes are needed, but they cannot agree on what these changes should be. Before discussing how an education plan can be changed by the court, it should be noted that parents can, in virtually all cases, modify an appointment education plan. (One possible exception is, for example, when a parent has put the child`s life at risk in the past.) Courts strive to encourage divorced parents to work together and to educate each other about their children`s needs and to take steps to meet those needs.


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